Y5 Residential and Class Assembly

Year 5 had a wonderful time on their four day residential to the Conway Centre at Menai, Anglesey last week.  The Year 5 children took part in an ‘Arts in Education in a Multicultural Society’ (AEMS) performing arts course, which celebrated diversity. The children took part in Indian Dancing, Beatboxing, Caribbean Art and Storytelling workshops.

“I really enjoyed beatboxing with Danny and we got to use a loop station. I won the battle!” (Harry Tantum, Y5)

“I enjoyed Indian dancing with Vina and I loved spinning my partner.”  (Charlie, Y5)

“I loved the Ceiliah, it was fun.” (Tori, Y5)

Year 5 then entertained everyone today with an amazing Class Assembly to demonstrate what they had learnt at their residential.


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