The Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.) is a very active and worthwhile organisation further strengthening the links between home and school.

It provides a wonderful social calendar for the Overton Community which includes dances, quizzes, fashion shows, treasure hunts and demonstration evenings. It regularly provides refreshments at family assemblies, school concerts and our barbeque and sports events.

It is a registered charity. Parents are encouraged to join the committee and are elected annually. The association is affiliated to the National Confederation of Parent-Teacher Associations as well as the local Cheshire branch. They have also elected to purchase added personal accident insurance for all our pupils engaged in sporting activities or PE lessons.

Through its various activities the PTA raises a great deal of money which is for the benefit of the school and its pupils. It provides the many luxuries that would not normally be available. There are many examples, in this school, of the tireless work of our parents and the school is extremely grateful.


Thanks for everyone’s generous support - to all who have helped, contributed and supported fundraising over past years - it means school can concentrate on updating and renewing its stock of books.

YourPTA is also looking at funding new classroom cameras - something which Staff have requested; this would enable each class to record and share their work, including ongoing projects and progress, without having to borrow or find the current cameras that are shared out.

All of this means that the children will enjoy an improved learning environment - something which YourPTA was established to do. It also means that our bank balance is going to be looking rather low in the short-term so we shall be looking for your continued support and ideas as always!

Thanks again, on behalf of YourPTA


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